7 Reasons to Leverage an Audio Visual Supplier for Your Upcoming Conference

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  Most conferences consist of presentations, entertainment, and sideshows accompanying the speech. All these aspects of the conference require high quality, easy-to-use audio visual equipment that will provide a reliable experience throughout the event. While most hotels and conference venues provide AV arrangements, it’s a good idea to hire an external audio visual company to… Read more »

Top 8 Scenic Design Trends for 2019

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Event organizers and clients always want their event to be interesting and memorable. They want to make sure it has a lasting impact on all attendees, especially if the event is organized for business or networking purposes. Unfortunately, planning an interesting and unique event is easier said than done.   It’s difficult to stand apart… Read more »

How to Avoid AV Travel Fees

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how to avoid av travel fees

AV travel fees can add up. And, the scenario of charging huge fees is pretty common in the audio visual industry and it can make a big dent in your event’s bottom line. This is the exact reason why Christopher Gerhart decided to do away with AV travel fees and instead absorb these into the… Read more »

When your venue tells you to use their in-house supplier for your conference audio visual

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conference audio visual in-house av

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re managing conference audio visual services and your venue pushes you to use their in-house audio visual supplier? This can be a deal-breaker for planners…especially when they already have a trusted partner. In this interview, Christopher Gerhart covers: Why in-house AV may not be the best option… Read more »