7 Reasons to Leverage an Audio Visual Supplier for Your Upcoming Conference


Most conferences consist of presentations, entertainment, and sideshows accompanying the speech. All these aspects of the conference require high quality, easy-to-use audio visual equipment that will provide a reliable experience throughout the event.

While most hotels and conference venues provide AV arrangements, it’s a good idea to hire an external audio visual company to handle the task. Here are some reasons why you should leverage an outside AV supplier for your upcoming conference:


That option is available to you



People often don’t even realize that it’s possible for them to hire a third-party AV supplier, and most conference venues can’t stop you from doing it.

You don’t have to choose the suppliers they recommend or use the equipment available at the venue, if you find those options expensive or lacking.

Some conference venue owners might apply a surcharge on using third-party equipment, but these clauses can be negotiated out of the contract during the booking process. Most venue owners won’t like to deny a prospective customer’s request just to make a little extra profit on the AV equipment.


Top AV companies will have better equipment



Top AV companies with a well-established business will have some of the best and latest AV equipment with them. These organizations want to ensure their customers get the best possible AV solutions so they upgrade their equipment often. Even if customers don’t need the latest and best technology, they like to keep their options open.

An AV provider will have the latest in projection and switching technology, LED video walls, the very best audio and lighting equipment, etc. All of these can enhance the user experience and improve the quality of the presentations.

Newer equipment is also less likely to develop technical difficulties during the conference, which is always a concern with older pieces.


You can access the services of off-site technicians



In-house AV systems usually aren’t operated by experienced technicians so if something goes wrong, clients have to rely on the services of the hotel or conference venue staff.

These staff members might not have the training and experience needed to offer good solutions, which can lead to considerable delays.

If you hire a top AV company, you get trained staff along with the equipment. They’ll handle everything from equipment operation to troubleshooting. This reduces the risk of disturbances and problems by a considerable margin.


Technicians specifically assigned to your event



Large conference venues that have dedicated staff to handle problems with AV equipment usually hold several conferences at the same time. Clients don’t get a dedicated technician to help them with setup and problems.

If something happens and the technicians are engaged at other events, you’ll have to wait until it’s your turn to get assistance.

This can cause a lot of delays and stall the conference, and in these situations, seconds feel like hours. In hiring an outside AV supplier you’ll get dedicated technicians who focus solely on your conference and are able to provide prompt assistance if needed.


Support at multiple locations



If you intend to host conferences at multiple locations, you need to make sure all the locations provide good quality AV equipment and related support. While most event locations provide their own AV equipment, many will not.

The only way to avoid the uncertainty and stress is to hire a dedicated AV supplier with a national network.

This ensures you have the same supplier and the same reliable equipment at all conference locations and don’t need to deal with different vendors and arrangement difficulties and will also save you some money and time.


They can handle last-minute changes easily



Regardless of how much you plan and how well-organized your event is, last-minute problems and changes can happen. You might need another projector, additional equipment, more technicians, etc.

While an in-house service provider will be able to handle some of this, a dedicated audio visual company is far more capable.

A third-party company can quickly arrange for additional equipment and personnel so you don’t need to scramble at the last minute to make arrangements. This isn’t possible with in-house services.


No additional fees or hidden costs



One of the most troubling aspects of using in-house AV equipment is the additional fees and hidden costs added at the end of the event. That can throw your budget off track and cause a lot of trouble.

In-house establishments will add expenses like technician costs, troubleshooting, etc. to the bill without the client’s knowledge.

Professional audio visual companies, on the other hand, will disclose all expenses at the outset when they offer a quote so you don’t have to deal with unexpected charges at the end. The pricing is also consistent across the nation so there’s no concern for additional expenses on that score as well.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider hiring an external audio visual provider instead of choosing the in-house one.

Author: CrescentEvents